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PURPLE RAINA Self Care is a suite of hemp CBD-infused self-care and grooming products that soothe sore muscles, while providing skin health and aromatherapy benefits.  These versatile products are created to be used from head to toe, and offer daily rituals invoking the 7 Chakras inherent to yoga, meditation, massage, and aromatherapy.


Regardless of gender, ethnicity and age, adults desire the healthiest, most vibrant skin, hair, and scalp individually possible. PURPLE RAINA Self Care seeks to appeal to our collective humanity, by focusing on our common need for daily grooming and self-care on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Going beyond traditional concepts of gender and beauty, PURPLE RAINA promotes “mindful self-care and grooming.” 

My name is Raina Jackson and I am a personal care product junkie who created PURPLE RAINA Self Care for people like me seeking to soothe sore muscles and to treat dry and sensitive skin through plant-powered products free of artificial ingredients and fragrances.


The brand logo was inspired by the mystical peacock, graced with glorious feather plumage symbolizing male beauty and prowess. Yet the peacock's essence has a female vibration as well. Prince, the phenomenal musician, cultural icon, philanthropist and fellow Purple Lover, was the human embodiment of a peacock and is a major inspiration for PURPLE RAINA Self Care. Get ready to Prance and Flex! I hope His Royal Badness would approve!

Balance Your Chakras & Get Glowed Up from the Toes Up!

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