Purple Raina 

An  Exclusive line  of Unisex   Cannabis-Infused Face, Body &   Hair    Care Products  

Get Glowed Up from the Toes Up!


The peacock is a mystical creature graced with legendary mythical qualities. Its glorious feather plumage of a peacock is a symbol of male beauty and prowess, almost like the lion’s luxurious mane of hair meant to attract a pride.  Yet the peacock's essence has a female vibration as well.  The oil from the skin of a peacock nourishes its feathers, delivering lustrous shine and texture, similar to the oil of an emu. Our skin also releases natural oils to protect itself.  Cannabis-infused Purple Raina products supplement this natural process and provide gentle cleansing. The magnificent peacock inspires the Purple Raina logo motif. 


Cannabis was created by Nature to nourish us from the inside out. Purple Raina is a unisex collection of cannabis-infused products to be used on the face, body, scalp, and hair.  Infused with the terpene-rich oil of organically grown cannabis, these products provide pain relief where needed and provide skin care benefits.  


Each infusion is blended into its own combination of organic argan, coconut, jojoba oils, and shea butter, from lightweight to rich in texture. No artificial preservatives, fragrances, coloring, mineral oils or petrolatum are present.


Formulated with essential oils to provide aromatherapy benefits, each product also corresponds with at least one of the 7 Chakras, an ancient Hindu system of energy channels throughout the body. Pamper yourself with a Purple Raina Aural Ritual!


Note that Purple Raina topical products will not cause a psychoactive effect or make you “high,” unlike when smoking flower, vaping or eating an edible.  The cannabinoids are not ingested and absorbed into the bloodstream for that head or body high. Yet our skin contains the same cannabinoid receptors found in our brains and nervous systems so our skin and muscles will be grateful.  These hydrating products relieve soreness and even treat most skin irritations. Cannabinoids are also known to stimulate collagen regeneration. Reinvigorate, cleanse and hydrate your body temple from the outside in. Get ready to Prance and Flex!


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