Coming Spring 2020

Balm Wand 

Chakra 1 Root - Fearless & Grounded 

  • Multi-purpose hemp CBD-rich balm in a convenient recyclable 2 oz twist-up tube

  • Ultra-rich and protective Balm softens rough dry skin on lips, elbows, hands, and feet while relieving pain and restoring skin’s natural luster

  • Helps soothe and moisturize under-eye area, tattoos and scars 

  • Can be used as a hair and beard pomade 

Summer/Fall 2020


Chakra 2 Sacrum - Vibrant Creativity

  • Lightweight and fast absorbing especially on damp skin and hair

  • Hemp CBD essential oil blend stimulates collagen production for more firm supple skin 

  • Light shine oil for hair and beards

  • Use as a facial oil cleanser and moisturizer or shaving/after shave balm

  • Massage oil and sensual enhancing lubricant 


Chakra 6 Third Eye - Envision

  • Lightly spritz on face as a light toner

  • Use as an invigorating yet soothing after-shave

  • Apply before Oilixer and Balm Wand for optimal absorption

  • Freshen and lightly deodorize body skin

Chakra 7 Crown - Your Highest Self 

  • Daily leave-in conditioning spray to anoint your Crowning Glory

  • Refreshes "wash and wear" wavy and curly hairstyles, locs, and braids

  • Can be used as a hair and scalp freshener in between cleansing

  • Elevate & Bless your Aura with Aromatherapy

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