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PURPLE RAINA Self Care is essentially a topical multivitamin for the skin, the body’s largest organ.

  • PURPLE RAINA products are infused with Hemp-CBD, an active anti-inflammatory plant compound that has been known help manage muscle and joint pain when infused into topical products. Hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) also delivers skin care benefits, helping the skin to naturally regenerate collagen for healthier-looking skin.

  • PURPLE RAINA products are dermatologist-tested and lab-tested for product safety and potency. 70% of the ingredients are USDA certified organic. 

  • PURPLE RAINA product ingredients are vegan, non-GMO and Leaping Bunny - certified cruelty-free.


Chakra 1 Root - Fearless & Grounded 

  • Conveniently and sanitarily packaged in a 2.2 oz twist-up eco-friendly plastic tube containing 275 mg of Hemp CBD.  A 0.55 oz sample size tube is also available.

  • Apply to affected areas and massage to soothe muscles. Feel the effects usually within 30 minutes.

  • Help calm skin irritations, sunburn, and tattoos.

  • Use as a spot moisturizer to "de-ashify" feet, hands, knees and elbows and to help minimize scars.

  • Apply to dry skin on the face, and as an under-eye rejuvenator and lip balm.

  • Use as a hair and beard pomade and as an "edge control" to smooth and nourish the hairline.

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Chakra 2 Sacrum - Sensual Creativity

  • Silky smooth massage and grooming oil with a sensual calming aroma...

  • Apply aromatic OILIXIR all over, ideally on damp skin and hair. Savor the reinvigorating yet  soothing aroma and feel the effects within 30 minutes...

  • Use as a gentle facial oil cleanser and moisturizer or as a shaving/after shave oil...

  • OILIXIR is delightful sensual enhancer and lubricant. It's pH-balanced and safe for use with non-latex condoms...



Chakra 6 Third Eye - Envision

  • Lightly spritz on face or cotton as a light toner avoiding the eyes.

  • Use as an invigorating yet soothing after-shave.

  • Apply before OLIXIR and BALM WAND for optimal absorption.

  • Freshen and hydrate the face, hair, and body.

Chakra 7 Crown - Your Highest Self 

  • Anoint your Mind’s Eye & Crown Aura to start your day and wind down at night. Mist during meditation or yoga... 

  • Use MIST as a face toner, hydrator, aftershave or a leave-in hair conditioner, de-tangler, and curl/wave refresher.

  • Use MIST to prepare the skin to best absorb serums and moisturizers like the BALM WAND and OLIXIR.

  • Use as a body mist and deodorizer. Spray and massage into aching muscles.

Purple Raina Spray Mist
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