Purple Raina


CBD/Essential Oil Blends 

Soothing Multi-Balm Stick 

Chakra 1 Root - Fearless & Grounded 

·Pain Relieving CBD-rich formula relieves sore muscles

·Ultra-rich and protective Balm softens rough dry skin on elbows, hands, and feet while relieving pain and restoring skin’s natural luster

·Helps soothe and moisturize tattoos and scars 

·Can be used as a hair and beard pomade.



Oilixer Spritz/Massage Oil

Chakra 2 Sacrum - Ecstatic Creativity

·Lightweight and fast absorbing especially on damp skin and hair

·CBD stimulate collagen production for supple firm skin from head to toe

·Light shine oil for hair and beards

·Essential oil blend containing sensual and uplifting ylang-ylang

·Massage oil and sensual enhancing lubricant



Cleansing Twist-up Stick

Chakra 3 Core (Solar Plexus) - Exuberant & Empowered

  • Gently cleanse skin and hair without stripping natural oils

  • Low lather, easy to rinse

  • Free of parabens, paraffin, and potentially harmful preservatives 

  • Soothing and invigorating at the same time



Gentle Gel Cream

Chakra 4 Heart - Love-Powered

  • Seals in moisture, great on damp skin and hair

  • Apply as a regenerating under eye cream or aftershave balm

  • Ideal for dry skin/scalps and for moisturizing wavy, curly, tightly-coiled hair

  • Fast absorbing and portable in an eco-friendly hygienic aluminum-like tube 



Healing Lip Balm 

Chakra 5 Throat - Speak Truth to Power

  • Soothing and moisturizing lip balm for all skin types

  • Lightweight enough to wear under lipstick or gloss

  • Shine-free and unisex





Mind's Eye Face Serum:

  • Chakra 6 Third Eye - Eternal Envisioning

  • Light toner, gently exfoliates with natural sugar cane juice 

  • Use as an invigorating yet soothing after-shave




Crown Aura Mist 

  • Chakra 7 Crown - Your Highest Self 

  • Daily leave-in conditioning spray to anoint your Crowning Glory

  • Refreshes "wash and wear, "wavy, curly hairstyles, locs, and braids

  • Can be used as a hair and scalp freshener in between cleansing

  • Gentle enough to use on the face

  • Elevate & Bless your Aura with Aroma-therapy